Landscape feeling under the weather?

Learn what’s ailing it with a Free Landscape Health Assessment.

 What’s involved?

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Professor Bill collecting plant tissue samples during a Landscape Health Assessment.

If you were sick, you wouldn’t ask your doctor for a one-size-fits-all fix, would you?  We happen to believe landscapes deserve the same treatment. We assess the symptoms of your property in the same way a doctor would assess an illness and prescribe a specific plan to restore health. When True North Outdoor does a FREE landscape health assessment on your property, we dig deep into what makes your landscape tick. Is the soil too compacted or too wet? We’ll find out. Are the micro-organisms that create healthy roots thriving or on life support? We can tell you!

Just like people, landscapes get illnesses. And there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. So we take our patient’s symptoms – whether it’s browning grass, wilting plants or dying trees – and treat the root of those problems. The landscape health assessment is the first step to finding out what’s going on. If you’re ready to take a “peek under the hood” of your landscape, we’re ready to show you.

Watch Professor Bill conduct an Assessment

Our certified arborist Bill Nolde – “Professor Bill” – arrives at your property in his tactile soil gathering gear (yes, boots and all)  and collects soil and plant leaf tissue specimens from your very own soil and trees. Why? Because what’s happening behind the scenes has something everything to do with how your landscape looks.

Is Bio-Centric right for your property?

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