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We think work should be wonderful. This is our story.

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re the team behind a multi-million dollar snow removal and landscape company in itunes-buttonthe Midwest and we have this crazy idea that if work is wonderful, the success every business is after will take care of itself. Join us as we share our triumphs and failures and expose the truths behind what makes our business work. You can listen here on our website or subscribe via iTunes or one of the other methods listed below. When you subscribe, you’ll receive new episodes as they become available.

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We used to think we were a snow removal and landscaping business…We’re not.


Hosted by Todd Stone, Vice President True North Outdoor

We are a people-unleashing business that happens to do snow removal and landscaping.We made this discovery through a means you might not expect. You see, we’ve been conducting an experiment.

We like to call it “The Wonderful Experiment.” We’ve been having so much fun that we’ve begun sharing our findings on a podcast. In a nutshell, The podcast explores the idea that if work is wonderful, success will take care of itself. We invite you to join us by listening to it. New episodes will be added regularly.

Have we gotten trapped in the land of rainbows and unicorns? You decide. What is ‘The Wonderful Experiment‘? We have become utterly convinced that the most important factor to our success is the quality of our people and the degree that we empower them to do their jobs. During the last few years, we have been on a journey to transform our business to attract and retain the best people in the marketplace on our team. This journey has completely changed the way we think about how success is achieved. We have turned our business into the laboratory and our strategies into experiments. We are not looking to do what’s been done. We’re looking to do what works. We believe that if we find what makes our people feel work is wonderful, we’ll find success for clients and for our business.

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