We know, it’s 90+ degrees outside and snow removal is probably not something you’re thinking about.

Fortunately, we are! As one of the largest snow and ice management services in the country (ranked 13th in 2011), we think about snow removal all year long. Sure, last winter was almost non-existent, but the year before we broke records for snowfall. It’s crazy swings like that that make winters so hard to deal with.

Aside from the fact that it’s always on our mind, there are a few good reasons we like our clients to get snow on the mind in the mid-summer months.

The first reason we start our clients thinking about their winter needs in the summer is that there is a long list of preparation involved on the service provider’s end. We must organize manpower, materials, equipment, communication, documentation and the flow of information in order to provide the most effective and efficient services for our clients.

Every company does things a little differently. We at True North Outdoor subscribe to the philosophy that 90% of the battle is won before the first snowflake falls. We have pre-season planning down to an art. Here’s some of what goes into our stellar preparation.

Pre-Season Walk Through & Damage Assessment

A True North Outdoor area manager meets with you at your property to determine the scope of work with your facility or property manager. We also assess property condition, take measurements and note any existing damage areas for our records. After conducting the pre-season walk-through, True North Outdoor provides each client with a pre-season damange report to document existing damage report to document existing damages on the property for future reference once the season has ended.

Field Meeting

A True North Area manager will meet with our own production staff at your site to conduct an on-site training. This ensures we don’t miss any important areas during a storm. It also helps us communicate any high-priority areas with our crews so your property is serviced to your exact specifications.

Snow Response Plan (SRP)

SRP’s are created after all of these meetings and include everyone’s input to come up with a finalized equipment and materials plan of how to best service your property. These are color-coded guides that specify how we service your property. Each of our production team members has one, ensuring your property is given the care it deserves.

Customer Service Packets

Before the snow season begins, we compose and send all of our clients packets with detailed information on their contract, what to expect from their area manager when an event is imminent and other helpful information. We make sure you know what to expect and how to contact us should you need any assistance during the storm. You will also receive information on how we work and a property information page.


Our production staff at home base is trained to handle all services requests, so we’re always equipped to service your property in the exact way required. Our field crews go through safety training, where they learn the appropriate measures and responses to a variety of scenarios and situations.

Communication Drilldown

When you become a client of True North Outdoor we include you in all of our weather reporting communications from daily weather reports to weather event updates. You’ll be in the know on what kind of weather to expect day or night. When a weather event is imminent, your area manager will provide an overview of the plan for the storm by email. Our area managers are available 24-7 and you have exclusive access to them for any needs during the storm.

With an unknown deadline, like when the first snowflake falls, a snow removal company wants to be confident all of the pieces of the puzzle are in the box. And when that puzzle is complete you can rest assured that the picture you end up with will be a work of art.

Now that you know what we do before the storm, find out what we do during the storm and after the storm to continue providing value to our clients.

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