True North Outdoor has served in the harshest weather and most challenging circumstances Mother Nature can create. We value our relationship with customers and property managers throughout the region and consistently deliver cutting edge solutions and exceptional service. We are proud to serve the largest retailers, manufacturers and corporations in the nation – rain, snow or shine.


Let’s face it, we all know someone who is so passionate about a new hobby they convince you to join in. And then you regret the amount you spent on deep sea fishing gear. That’s what landscaping and snow removal are for all of us at True North Outdoor.  We are so passionate about what we do, we can’t help but tell everyone who will listen. Believe it or not we love removing snow and growing trees – which is why we are continually educating ourselves and our associates. True North Outdoor employs the latest technologies and operational practices so we can work more efficiently for you.


There’s no point in denying it. As soon as you meet us, you’ll know – we’re all a bit nerdy. But not in the “lock ourselves in our room and build marble mazes” way (OK, maybe in that way). We know at one time or another you’ve been to a party with the guy who is way too serious about his rock collection. That’s us. Every one of our landscaping team members has grown up in the green industry. We have a soil professor, NFL stadium designer and a former VP for one of the largest tree management companies in the world on staff. WHY? Because we are all about people who know the industry. We are the ones reading reference and study materials on the weekends because we seriously geek out over grass and trees. Each of our snow removal team members has a passion for providing the highest quality care and service to our customers. In fact, we like to say that a service business is nothing without culture and people. We don’t have satisfied customers, we have raving fans.


We seek out challenge. We create possibility. Our core value set – Team, Ownership and Excellence – is ingrained in every single team member – from our president to each landscape crewman.  We pride ourselves in proactive communication, letting the customer know what the property will look like even weeks down the road. We believe in transparency throughout the details. Each time we perform landscape testing or snow removal service on the property we work through the details and create an action plan for the remainder of the season and always include you – the property manager – in decision making.

6 Landscaping Secrets We Stole From the Farmers

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